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Google AdWords

Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) AdWords Campaign.

AdWords® is a product of Google that can attract new visitors to your website, help grow sales and promote services you offer.

Often referred to as pay-per-click (ppc), Google AdWords campaigns can be set up cheaply by trained staff from Thinking IT to drive visitors to your website, while your local SEO and organic SEO efforts are being built up, or used in conjunction with search engine optimisation to promote specials or new offers that have a limited lifespan.

AdWords Ads are those placed at the top, right hand side and sometimes at the bottom of Google’s 10 organic search results. When visitors ‘click’ on one of those ads, the business advertising is charged; deducted from a pre-agreed daily spend you are already in credit for. The amount the business is charged will vary depending on how competitive that search term is made by other businesses ‘bidding’ for it.

Google PPC campaigns can be turned on or off manually at any time, or they can be set to show at specific times of the day and on specific days, until the daily spend limit has been reached.

Set A Daily / Weekly / Monthly Budget

The first decision to be made is the maximum amount you are prepared to spend each day. AdWords specialists from Thinking IT SEO Adelaide can then make up an ad, tailored with specific search terms, so you are found by the type of customers you want, who are looking to buy products you sell, or pay for services you provide.

Typical daily limits range from $50 to $200 and can cost $0.05 to $15 per click, depending on the competitiveness of the industry and how many people search for the specific words you are wanting to attract.

Setting Up Google AdWords Account

Google does not charge anything to set up an AdWords account, in fact Google encourage novice users to do it. If you have the time; you don’t put any value on, you may be tempted to spend hours reading through the many ‘help’ pages online guiding you through the process of creating and managing your pay-per-click AdWords ads. In our experience, from past customers who have tried this though, you will spend more time than you thought, then burn a lot of money practicing, and in the end not getting the result you hoped for.

Thinking IT SEO Adelaide will save you the time and get the best value for money by creating your account from scratch, research the prominent keyword bid costs, help you set a daily maximum budget and create your ad.

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